It’s amazing how powerful video is. I would never have thought I would think the Ford Focus is cool, but after seeing this video, I’m intrigued. Props to @gearpatrol for putting it on my radar.

How Bad Do You Want It from Greyskale Multimedia LLC on Vimeo.

8 Life-Changing Habits to Adopt in 2012

The title of this blog post is not hyperbole. Do the following and your life will change for the better. 1. Practice gratitude – The biggest surprise, for me, of 2011 was discovering the power of gratitude. It’s nothing short of amazing. And it happens to be free and available anytime. I’d recommend keeping a [...]

8 Tips on How To Sleep Better in 2012

The room is dark, my bed is warm, and I fell asleep way too late last night. So I hit snooze, feeling a little guilty, then squeeze my eyes tightly shut. Just give me a few more minutes, I think, hoping it will make a difference. It doesn’t. The next few hours I’m groggy. I [...]

When $90,000 Is Worth More Than $70 Million

If I offered you $90,000 now, or $70 million later in your life, which would you pick? It seems like simple math, right? You should go for the big bucks! Well, I know someone who disagrees, and he makes a very convincing argument. Peter Buffett is the youngest son of Warren Buffett, the third richest [...]

The Healthiest and Most Delicious Thing To Eat Everyday [Recipe]

My friends thought I was crazy when I bought a $500 blender. For months, I’d been hearing other health hackers talk about something that was giving them tons of energy. They said it kept them from getting sick. And that it actually tasted good. So, I started doing a little detective work. I Googled “green [...]

Tired of Being Tired? Wake Up With My Re-Energizing Afternoon Ritual

Today we had waffles and fried chicken for lunch. I didn’t partake, but my co-workers feasted. With sticky hand and full bellies they smiled as they returned to their desks. But then it hit. One hour after lunch ended, everyone’s productivity plummeted. They sat there stuffed, staring at their computer screens. You could almost see [...]

The REAL Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Remember that show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? When I was a kid, I loved seeing how “rich people” lived. Now that I’m older, I know a lot of high net worth individuals. I know guys worth over $500 million that wear t-shirts everyday and drink beer from a can.  I also know a [...]